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Carry a tiny Tetris game in your pocket, at least that’s all that initially meets the eye. Hidden behind is Bowser Bitcoin hardware wallet.


This cold storage hardware wallet is hidden behind a Tetris game.

Bowser Wallet includes:

  • Open Source hardware and software:
  • SegWit addresses with master key
  • Color 2″ IPS LCD
  • USB-C Cable
  • High-Capacity 3.7V 750mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Lifetime Premium support

You can connect any watch-only capable wallet by scanning Bowser’s ZPUB to it, such as Electrum or Samourai wallets, to monitor your balance.

In the SD card, create bowser.txt and you can type the following commands in it to program the wallet:

  • To wipe device completely, setup new wallet:
  • To restore from a seed backup:
    RESTORE husband behind shallow promote....
  • To sign a transaction on Electrum or other wallet:
    SIGN 45505446ff00020000000001016cb....

Morse Code Cheat Sheet for Entering Your PIN Bowser Buttons
Download here Morse code cheat sheet including space to write seed words

To power on/off and access wallet:

  • Power on: Click the red power button on the left
  • Power off: Quickly double-click the red power button on the left
  • Access wallet: Quickly press the right button after Bowser powers on

A quick demo of the wallet can be found: here.
Also, see a detailed tutorial which shows all available features: here.

Bowser wallets will be delivered no later than two months after your order.

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Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions5.4 × 5.4 × 1.8 cm


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